c o l o r e d ( t ) r a c i n g 2

:::anything we do leave traces:::colored traces:::here is the city map and the trace traced:::

:::3 results:::color codes that came out of this strolling are: "EAEDAD" "AADEDE" "6A4E5D":::

:::used material: accross - A, right - D, accross - A, left - E, infinity, long way - 0, zero, choice - C

    kkifofd dksps8v   le stanze   vkfodf  dkjkdk
gsy  dgyy chb via moline      cdlklo df  ck      o        oclm 
ckk   kcvidm5   ffv  k    streets with no name  dxjcia  ppa=- ,;c oclm kkcx xjkks  xjjs
hd  kdxpo kkkf      f passagges       ("&   0B$     N       BN*%M  H7
                  farzyq ")((fjiv
fgdg sh   via marsala  d  dsllsp-  t:;f  cvm  fs$cv    lop  sdsa   c

n           f     i got lost                $$$        **        %        ! 
v i a       r i v a                d i       r   e   n   o

kvo     iie        45        a<   >         vb  ;:;:        :      . ?     end

ghf                                                   '))                       ngb
    gt                                   p                           !?
      ttt                                 y         yyy                           uy
     h                                                  rr                       hyh
       dze                   r              t                e$$                   ngh
                        f        o                          88888

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