c o l o r e d ( t ) r a c i n g

:::this is not a web page. it is just a play. the real web page is the city itself.
:::i am offering you an approach where anything you do can leave traces:::colored traces:::

:::game:::computers use letters from A to F and numbers from 1 to 99 to describe colors.
these color codes are always made out of 6 characters, combinations of any mentioned above.
i assosiated directions-movements-actions to:

:::letters A - ahead, accross, B - back, C - choice, D - right, E - left, F - follow:::
:::numbers 1-99: quantity of repeated actions:::

:::underneath is the city map of bologna and the rout i choosed.
the rout and the movements i did to get from one point to another created a color code 'ADAE0C'
(A-accross, D-right, A-accross, E-left, number 0 where the action was always the same, and C-choice)
when this site was presented, anybody from a present public could have come and choose my site
at this point, i would approach the person and took him to a trip, my gift was the
rout i did, my color code:::the photographs you will see are irellevant, they show what we were doing but only the game is important - invent your own rules and browse your city:::

:::as i left the last letter in a code, 'C' wich is a 'choice' of any action for my visitor,
the way he
will move around in order to create his colored trace
by coming back to the starting point from where i brought him.
afterwards, i described all of his movements in color codes; the colors he traced in city:::

    kkifofd dksps8v   ckkv   vkfodf  dkjkdk
gsy  dgyy chb 00 hh   00      cdlklo df  ck      o        oclm 
ckk   kcvidm5   ffv  k    c,jjdis  dxjcia  ppa=- ,;c oclm kkcx xjkks  xjjs
hd  kdxpo kkkf      f gt       ("&   0B$     N       BN*%M  H7
                  farzyq ")((fjiv
fgdg sh   t roov  d  dsllsp-  t:;f  cvm  fs$cv    lop  sdsa   c

n           f     y                $$$        **        %                   ! 
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

kvo     iie        45        a<   >               vb  ;:;:        :      . ?       o   ^^^
ghf                                            '))                    ngb
    gt                             p                           !?
      ttt                                  y         yyy                           uy
     h                                                    rr                       hyh
       dze                        r              t           e$$                   ngh
                        f        o                               88888

my colored (t)race
1st visitor's colored (t)race
2nd visitor's colored (t)race