Nata il 29/09/1975 a Sarajevo, Bosnia ed Erzegovina, risiede a Rijeka (Fiume), Croazia.

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1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?

I found it interesting and witty.
I know Nemanja Cvijanovi_.
It might look good in my C.V.
Something interesting might happen.
For fun.

2. To whom is art useful?

To everybody who needs it. The question is why do they need it for.

3. What is freedom of expression?

a) when the world truly rotates around me regardless of how I express myself
b) when they call me ‘artist’ because of my behaviour
-c) when the only thing that can stop my expressiveness is its’ own limit
d) when my self-expression stops at the point where the expressiveness of others starts
e) other...
when I can express my opinion regardless of other people and a pressure whom it might offend it..................................................................

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuys’ statement: “ Everybody is an artist”?

Every body is an artist because of its functions. If you see bodily functions as a way of expression, then bodies are artist.
Or it just means that every person has some unique action (or passivity) that contains its essence and in that moment, being it self – it’s an artist.

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went to? What did you think of it?

A yearly exhibition of HDLU Zagreb (Croatian Artists Society from Zagreb)
members in Zagreb, a really big one.
Boring, conventional, badly placed, past dated.

6. What’s the hottest gossip in the art world that you know of?

Somebody is pregnant with Somebody, sOMEbody entered SOMewhERE because of SomeOne said someTHing, but I can’t really talk about it.

7. What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?

Authentic, original, egocentric, hardworking, sexy, unisexy, never or always on drugs, gay, straight, bisexual, funny, dramatic, unconventional in approved-by- conventionalist way.

8. Who supports the artist?

Anybody who needs some kind of publicity (governments, corporations, shops, tobacco industry, ...) ; moms and dads, lovers, kind and rear people who still think of art in an romantic way.

9. Who sponsored your last project (specify the procedure)?

City of Rijeka, a place where I live. First you talk to a woman who works there as a gate keeper, so you could talk to a woman who works in an office. Then explain to them what, why and when do you want. Then write a letter about it and send it in 3 copies. And in the end call somebody influential and ask them to do something about your request.
Application form looks like this (it took me years to write it right):

Danica Mracevic
Z. Petranovica 3.

RijekaHDLU Rijeka
Korzo 16.


Ovim putem Vas molim da mi odobrite koristenje prostora galerije «Juraj Klovic», u periodu od 22.11.2004. do 27.11.2004.(sest dana),
poradi realizacije samostalne izlozbe «choose the real thing».
Spomenutu instalaciju sam izlagala na Salonu mladih ove godine, uz potporu Odjela za kulturu Grada Rijeke, koji bi mi finansirali i koristenje prostora Vase galerije. Namjeravam samostalno organizirati cuvanje postave.
Nadam se da cete mi odobriti ovu molbu.
Unaprijed hvala,
Danica Mracevic

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?
Being an artist is a sacrifice. I never have any money, my mother doesn’t respect me (or anybody’s mother for that matter), and I’m emotionally exhausted after every project.
I had to get up early, do a lot of physical work and the worst – use my own equipment for realisations of project.
I don’t know what I would do to achieve my goals, I’ll think about it when it comes.

11. Your specifications: height-weight / colour of hair-eyes / breast-waist-hips.

180 cm, 60 kg, blond, brown, 90-60-90
Or is that somebody else’s?

12. What is your ‘sound theme’? Tell us what kind of music you like.

I have a lot of sound themes: sympathy for the devil, come and dance with me Michel, bollywood Nahin Jeena (I translate it like Medina, its name of one of my girlfriends from Sarajevo). I like the music that my friends make, even if they are unaware of it.

13. What are your perversions?

I like younger boys and ‘bit older (than me) woman. But that is not really perversion, is it? My real perversion is that I don’t consume any of my likening.
I have even bigger one, the one that makes me feel like monster of the year among my “single white female” friends (they all think they are Ally McBeall). I am actually in a long, eight years old, happy, stabile, sexfull, non cheating relation with my boyfriend. And I feel cut-out from woman society because of that.

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?

Yes, couple of times. They were giving away money if you participate in an research, so I went. It was for refuges only. I didn’t like it in the end, They were trying to put me in one of theirs little specifications. They thought I was lying. Everybody wants a tragedy.
Another time I went because I was crying all the time and it effected my relation with other people. Nobody wants a cry baby. And that made me cry even more. So, I went to a psychologist and I cried there, and after a while when I was explaining how I feel and was in the middle of a story about Aska and wolf ( you know, about dancing lamb and wolf is following her…) he said that we have no time and he wanted to give me some medications. I refused, I told him that I can get medications on my own, I don’t need him for that, so he thought that I have a drug problem. I gave up on them. The waiting room is too depressive anyway, they all look tired, and you never get the same doctor twice.

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?

It’s interested in me. I was born in Sarajevo, my father is a Serb from Monte Negro, my mother Croat from Herzegovina. I’m a Croatian artist, Bosnian refuge and Serbian decent. I have two I.D. and three citizenships. Every time when I’m presenting myself somebody is trying to push me into some nationality/state/minority/group. I had a lot of problems being this mixture during the war. My name draws a lot of attention, it unusual, archaic, strange in any ex-Yugoslavian country, and it’s contradicted by itself (dan- day, mrak-dark, my name is Daily Dark :) ). I don’t really belong anywhere, I don’t understand the concept of nationality (as a subject), but I don’t mind. I have to keep up with politic, be informed, ‘cause it always effect me in some way.

16. A slogan that represents you (it will be published on the poster).

Time is on my side (I’ll try not to loose it)


- Academy of Visual Arts, Design Departmant of Visual Comunications, Master degree, currently attending
- University of Philosophu, Departmant of Fine Arts, graduated in 2001
Degree: Professor of Fine Arts
- High school «Andrija Mohorovicic», Degree:Computer Programer

Group exhibitions:
- 1996.-"Big Art Violic Band",galerija Otok, Dubrovnik
- 1997.-"Big Art Violic Band", Mali Salon, Rijeka
- Day of Planet Earth, Korzo, Rijeka
- 1998.- "Ars Futura", Croatian Cultural Centar, Trieste
- Day of Planet Earth, Rjecina, Rijeka
- 1999.-2. Group Exhibition "Ex libris", galerija Kortil, Rijeka
- Group Student Exhibition, University of Philosophu, Departmant of Fine Arts in Rijeci, galerija Kortil
- Project "Veli Mrgar", Baska, island Krk
- Project "Leave Your Trace In Graphic Of Rijeka", galerija Kortil
- Dan planete Zemlje, Korzo, Rijeka
- 2000.- Budapest Art Expo, Budimpe_ta, Ma_arska
- 2001.- 26. Salon Mladih, Velesajam, Zagreb
- «Taste the Art», Group Exhibition, galerija O.K., Rijeka
- 2002.- Memefest 2002, ''No logo'', Ljubljana
- Group Student Exhibition ALU Ljubljana, Maribor
- 2003.- Memefest 2003, '' first things first'' Ljubljana
- FONA - Festival of New Art, Moderna galerija
- re:Action, Home Gallery in Prag, Republic of Cheh
- 4. International Exhibition «Ex libris», Kortil, Rijeka
- 2004 - 27.Salon Mladih, Dom HDLU-a, Zg.
- Exhibition of New Members of Croatian Artists Society in Rijeka galerija J. Klovic, Ri.
- «Sexy» -International Exhibition of Multimedial Artists, Porec

- «Bulimicna reklama», Galerija O.K. MMC Palach, Rijeka,2001.
- «Piles of Solitude» with E.V.Brokovskim, galerija «Marin», Umag, 2004.
- «Piles of Solitude» with E.V.Brokovskim, galerija «Kortil», Rijeka, 2004.
- «choose the real thing», galerija «Juraj Klovic», rijeka,2004.

Video projections:
- «Luksuz festival po ceni filma», Krsko, SLO,2003
- video projections in MAMA centar, Zagreb, 2004
- video projections in «Kam Hram» multimedijal centar, Split , 2004
- «Trsatske stube», Week of Modern Dance in Zagreb 2004
- «Trsatske stube», club house « Dva Lava», Rijeka 2004

- 1996.-"Big Art Violic Band", Stradun, Dubrovnik
- 1999.-"Kitsch Parti", Kortil, Rijeka
-"Dorucak na Korzu", Korzo, Rijeka
-"80`s", Kortil, Rijeka

Other Skills:
Languages: Fluent in Croatian, English, Italian and Slovenian;
Computer: Adobe Premiere6, Photoshop7, Flesh5, Swish3, Word proccesing, Internet, Power Point, and many others
Hobbies: travelling, sports, theater
Licences: Driver's licence, 2004.