Nata il 20/02/1976 a Zagabria (Croazia) dove risiede.

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1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?

First of all, it's the greatest challenge for anyone, not only for an artist or someone who is trying to "be" one, to express themselves or at least to be given a chance.
In other words, to let the world know that you're one among the uncountable wonderful souls who are not afraid to express themselves via this competition.
As I don't consider myself to be a real artist, which means in my modest way of explanation - living under stereotypic artistic living rules such as fame, uncountable exhibitions, photos in newspapers, glittering dresses and so on, one day I was surfing the internet and look what I've found.
It has really fulfilled me.
I have free time (in my case "time is not money"), willingness, I really enjoy making metal jewellery and what I was missing was that kind of opportunity to scream at loud.
It's really great to see others' reactions and share their point of view about your work.
And now the puzzle which was missing is right here.
Maybe it could open the door to another dimension.
At least I'll meet other people whom I'm sure I'll have a lot to learn from.
Maybe I won't.
But I don't want to miss that chance.
It would be a real pity.

2. To whom is art useful?
In my opinion art is useful to everybody.
That's why we draw colourful sketches in kindergarten, we get to know the biggest world's art in primary school and its history and development in high school.
In that inevitable contact with art, we learn about primary civilizations that gives us dimension of life and its evolution.
Furthermore, we become familiar with never-dying names and their colourful chef-d'oeuvres that inspire us to build our unique style.
Of anything which surrounds us.
It could be music, dance, architecture, ecology, medicine, cooking, ceramics, literature, photography, styling, acting, languages, sports, love...
And some of us really become a part of those "petals" mentioned above or at least touch something that links us with our true selves.
Someone who made that kind of "school rules" probably knew what he or she was doing.
It's essential way of expressing ourselves in order to create the way of living.
And finally, to take delight in it.

3. What is freedom of expression?
...when the only thing that can stop my expressiveness is its own limit.

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuey's statement: "Everybody is an artist?"
I totally agree.
Everybody is a real artist in their particular way.
It can be seen in the way someone combs their hair, polishes nails, wears leather shoes or high hills, the way someone detects things around them, the way someone moves and whistle, treats animals, the way someone talks, smiles or cries, desires...
I could continue counting but it would be like a never-ending story.
All I want to say is that everybody has at least one tiny artist crouching in their heart and just waiting for the green light to jump out.
Sooner or later.

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went on?
What did you think of it?
It was about three weeks ago in a small but warm and cosy atmospheric "Gallery Ulupuh" n Zagreb.
It was an opening exhibition of Davor Bajec and his latest metal jewellery.
As he is much appreciated abroad as well and people really adore his masterpieces, I was hoping to be "astonished and petrified" with his skills and ideas.
However, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed.
It is always like that when I expect something huuuge to happen.
There was metal mixed with wood and corals, shapes were sharp but elegant, geometrically in order but asymmetrical.
The way I like it.
Very simple but complex.
I know it sounds contradictory but it can only sound like that.
The ideas were brilliant, outstanding.
But something was missing.
The similar feeling is like when you finish a delicious meal and you're filled-up...but you need just a bite of chocolate.

6. What's the hottest gossip of the art world that you know of?
The question might be ambiguous because people have different way of seeing the art world, as well as gossip.
The first what came to my mind was divorce of Brad Pitt and J. Aniston because the latest edition of magazines and newspapers just bombs accidental passers-by, even if they have only dropped by to buy a pack of cigarettes, it cannot be missed.
But it would be childish of me if my answer stopped here.
So I'll tell you a fact from the real art world.
Maybe it is not a gossip but it's (always) up to you to decide.
There has recently been a British documentary on TV about artistic values and their limits.
People were talking about art and its visions, collections and history, they were asked questions about their famous painters...
Eventually, one man was asked to evaluate art-pieces sorted out in front of him.
So there were Klimt, Monet, I think, and some others famous painters, as well as one abstract painting. It contained just different colours and "delicate" strokes on linen.
So he picked the last, anonymous one.
At the end, the mystery was revealed.
The artist was a monkey who had an artist's brush tied up on his tail, so the editor of that documentary only plunged the brush into colours.
As the monkey waved his tail, the colourful lines appeared on the linen.
This just confirms the theory that art is subjective and this is in connection with my answer on 5th question.
But I don't know what happened with that monkey.
He should be somewhere in the wilderness and overgorging himself with bananas.
I just hope that he was not just the means which justifies the end.

7.What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?
I think that at the beginning everybody is searching and exploring all kinds of materials, motives, styling, inspiration and shapes in order to create his or her unique style.
Searching for the tool with which he or she would feel best and safe.
By that time he or she finds it, I imagine there would be all kinds of patterns, styles, shapes and colours that the artist was using to define his or her inner voice.
So, if the public, or in other words, potential buyers, are inclined to only one direction, artist would probably recognize that and continue with his or her work in that way.
It wouldn't be wise if somebody clearly pointed with finger what he or she prefers, to ignore that and continue producing something completely different.
Especially if the art is your job and it's feeding you.
If it is just a hobby, that story has a different end.

8.Who supports the artist?
The list can be long but I really think what matters the most is the artists him or herself.
By the word support I mean that he or she truly takes delight and the most pleasurable bites of his or her art.
Not only in the artistic world, but in life in general.
If you're satisfied with your mind and soul, leisure and work, boyfriend or neighbour or at least working on it and some things or situations that we cannot predict don't disturb your inner balance, it means you truly enjoy being who you are.
And in what we do.
So if we don't become a member of some gallery where we could show off with our masterpieces or if the project doesn't end up exactly as we imagined, it mustn't discourage us.
Let's go further and think pink.

9. Who has sponsored your last project?
It was not exactly the project and I didn't have a sponsor, but the next lines would be the nearest answer I can think of.
One sunny Thursday I was again late for my French lesson and as I was enjoying spring in Zagreb, when I ran into an ad on the wall for the shop called "Friend's design" and decided to enter.
There were two girls sewing clothes and we started girls chat.
One of them asked me about my wire necklace, my first creation, and told me she liked it a lot.
It came out of the blue and I was surprised and a kind of proud that a complete stranger was spontaneously praising my work.
Then she asked me whether I was willing to show them all of my work and if it matched their shiny dresses and childish blouses, we could make a small exhibition.
Suddenly I forgot about French and hurried home to start working with new wires in order to give them more.
In a week time, I came again with my modest collection and we all agreed to join our forces and see where this would lead us.
They "organized" a wall for me where I hung my collection and I even printed my name and contact number on ecological paper cut in different shapes.
I sold three of them and forth was made for a wedding.
Due to that event, I decided to "produce" jewellery and to dive deeper into more complex material, such as metal, thanks to reaction from the outside world which was positive.
This "exhibition" lasted for 2 months and was "moved" to another place called Madame Démodé.
With these final words I would really like to thank once again to those warm girls who were willing to offer me something like that and to show me that the opinion from outside world really matters.

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?
I think that I have never been put in that position to sacrifice myself in order to achieve my objectives.
Unless counting the nights without a good sleep to pass an exam, not buying shoes to be able to buy an air ticket or sleeping on beaches because it's cheaper than sleeping in hotels.
But I wouldn't call them sacrifices because in my point of view it is my lifestyle and my "ability" how to simplify those tricky situations in order to make them brighter.
I think that sacrifice it too serious word in this context.
For example as December is the month of Christmas, New Years Eve, gifts, fancy receptions and outstanding outfits, I decided to skip every part of it in order to save a little bit of money and finally be able to buy a drill machine for stones, silver and other metals.
But that also isn't a sacrifice because nobody suffered... at least not me!
Furthermore, if the question concerns the art, it's too early for me to give the proper answer.
Maybe in a year or two I would definitely have different approach.
But until then, everything is under control.

11. Your specifications: height / weight; colour of hair-eyes; breast-waist-hips?
height: 1, 64 m
breast: 91
weight: 50 kg
colour of hair: red
colour of eyes: green

12. What's your "sound theme". Tell us what kind of music you like
I really do have a bunch of sound themes.
I could really tell a zillion of my favourite sounds even if you woke me up at 3 a.m.
But when I have to tell only one, it would probably be "Aromatherapy" from Adam F.
It's a bonus track on his album "Colours".
That rhythm reflects the music I like; vivid, full of life and positive energy, colourful and optimistic.
When I listen to that song I really do wish that it never ends.
And big thanks to "repeat button" on remote control.
It doesn't matter if I drive, cook or read, there's always some acoustic background.
I know that my parents never understood how could anyone study with music.
It is just under my skin.
I order to conjure up to you what kind of music I like, I'll mention some artist such as:
L.T.J. Bukem, DJ Krush, K&D, Ünn, Thievery Corporation, Molocco, L'Uomo, Tosca, Alex Cortiz, Bazoo-Bazzo, Peshay, 4 Hero, Gotan Project, Underworld, Faithless, Optical, Moby, Nippon Connection, Ed Rush, Marky and Dynamite, Kraftwerk, Drace, Leftfield, Anthony Rother, Depeche Mode and eternal ladies like Angie Stone, Tayla, Madonna, Dido, Miss Eliot, Björk, Sade and a lot lot lot more whose names unfortunately I don't know.
To resume; music which bursts into energy, optimism, hope, laugh but sometimes tears.
Something which keeps you awake and conscious of the fact that life is great and unpredictable.
Or at least is trying to be.

13. What are your perversions?
Hmm... tricky question.
I'm sure that my mother would probably have a better answer.
I like to explore food.
As a vegetarian obsessed with colours on a plate, I like exploring all kinds of vegetables, herbs and spices.
Sometimes it gets really kinky.
But friends keep coming back to my kitchen to get some more bites.
Then, there are brooches.
Not only I like making them, but also I'll put them on some untypical places throughout the year.
It doesn't matter if I already have two on my scarf, I'll always find some more space to put another three.
Majority of them represent some kind of strange animals and they are quite old, which leads us to another perversion.
All kind of stuff. Candle sticks, lamps, furniture, grandma's pyjamas, vessels...
s I like to travel, the fairs are the first place where I have to be.
It doesn't matter whether I buy anything, it's just to breathe in the atmosphere and to be a "part of the culture".
And I could finish with my perversions with free-climbing.
Adrenaline makes my world keep turning and asking for more.
The feeling is really outstanding after you have conquered that bloody vertical rock.
To be alone on the top could be a real perversion.

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?
It was about 8 years ago at my 3rd year of college.
Fallen in love big time for the first time, floating in clouds, I almost flunked a year and disappointed my father.
He had some great expectations which I haven't fulfilled, so I departed from his life track.
He didn't talk to me and I just couldn't read anyone's thoughts.I became confused, lost, angry...
But to truly become open-minded by talking to someone who was there to listen to you in order to suggest, advice and listen is something that everyone should have every time when confronted with the wall.
It really worked in a sense that I was able to examine the main reason of my state from another corner.
That's why psychologists exist - to define your nightmares and offer you tools to shut them out.
Even now I am sure that one day if feeling like "all alone in the entire world", I am going to chat with one. But that time without coffee.
After all, they are also just like us.

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?
Well, not really.
But I'm more interested in it than I was before.
I have always participated in elections because I totally agree that it's every citizen's obligation.
But, first I have to consult with somebody wise, subtle and patient who is willing to sacrifice his or her time and explain to me why exactly some politician or political party actually deserves my vote.
But now I could even name some major prime ministers, politicians, kings or queens, deputies and I am becoming familiar with their aims and strategic games or lies.
That's the advantage of getting become conscious of the fact that politics among other things unfortunately is not so invisible in the grown-ups' world.
The first thing I do in the morning is turning on my favourite radio station, so I'm kind of informed with the world today.
I always make my own selection and if something really intrigues me I would search it in newspapers, internet or even watch news on TV, which is really not my habit.
Politics mostly disappoints me, makes me angry or even outrageous and that's always when somebody is playing with others' lives, involves in other countries' politics just because they are bigger and economically stronger.
Furthermore, I don't have a heart or stomach to dig in that world just because that's some leader's selfish point of view, but on the other hand, sooner or a later that piece of news would probably get to you.
Money makes the world go around.
I would add politics.

16. A slogan that represents you?
Byte life now because it is too short for everything!
1990-1994 High School in Zagreb
1994-1999 Graphic University in Zagreb
1991-Alliançe Française- French lessons
1994-2004-Spanish lessons
1998-2000-Studying Portuguese
2004-Art classes of metal jewels
Working experience:
1997 "Notus" designer and production of self adhesive labels for pharmaceutical company
2000- 2001-"Publicis" (marketing agency) volunteering in graphic design
2001-2001-"Novi Arcus" web design
2001-2002-"BBDO" (marketing agency) freelancing on different project on field of graphic design and prepress
"Ictinus group" (marketing agency) freelancing on different project on field of graphic design and prepress
2003-2004 -"Flyer" (graphic studiuo)- freelancing on different project on field of graphic design and prepress
- English ; fluent
- French ; fluent
- Spanish; very good
Portuguese; essential
graphic tools; Freehand, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator..
magazines and books
independent travelling (Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Sardinia and Corse, Jordan, Maroco,
cooking, music, renovation, interior design
dogs and agility competition
metal jewelry