Nato il 22/01/1973 a Coalville (Gran Bretagna), risiede a Almere (Olanda).
E-mail: webmaster@davidstill.org

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1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?

I am very vain I like to promote myself and I want to be considered as an artist

2. To whom is art useful?
No one. Or maybe to me, to satisfy my vanity. I wonder why you people are doing this? Do you get paid for this?

3. What is freedom of expression?
b) when they call me ‘artist’ because of my behaviour

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuys’ statement: “ Everybody is an artist”?
It’s ridiculous. I think most people don’t have the qualities to be an artist. I don’t have them either, but if anybody thinks what I do is art, then it’s ok, I love to get famous.

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went to? What did you think of it?
I was invited in an exhibition about alter egos (Alias and alibis in the Fries Museum in Leewarden, Holland)
What I thought of it? As long as I get promoted everything is ok. But I hated the fact that some people were more famous than me or got more attention.

6. What’s the hottest gossip in the art world that you know of?
Gossip about me. But I don’t always get to hear them. They often say in the world of art that I want to pass for an artist but I understand nothing and know about art and I’m stupid. It’s not a very hot gossip though, it’s the sort of gossip I hate. Usually they say that I did it with such and such curator or museum director, that’s why I got in the show. I love that gossip (whether true or not) that’s why I didn’t mention my sexual preferences in my site, so that the gossip works with both genders.

7. What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?
He/she sleeps with anybody who can help his/her carrier

8. Who supports the artist?
Whoever goes to bed with him/her

9. Who sponsored your last project (specify the procedure)?
I don’t want to tell the name, but all the people I sleep with sponsor my project in one way or another.

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?
Sleep with someone that doesn’t turn me on, fuck with someone with the wrong gender for my preferences.

11. Your specifications: height-weight / colour of hair-eyes / breast-waist-hips.
For the people I sleep with? None. Everything goes.
For me? You may see enough of me on my site, and I’m much better than that in real, you just have to try it.

12. What is your ‘sound theme’? Tell us what kind of music you like.
Someone composed some music specially for my birthday

13. What are your perversions?
Vanity, that’s the only one. The rest is just a consequence.

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?
In bed yes. They make good lovers, but they can’t do anything for my artistic carrier.

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?
Well, if it helped my carrier I would try to pretend I am.

16. A slogan that represents you (it will be published on the poster).
Free as freeware, human as you

17. (my own question) When do you think you will have achieved your goal for success?
Probably never. I know this kind of craving for attention is a perversion. Everytime I obtain some success, I find out that someone is more famous than me and I get jealous.

Jan. 2005 Alias and Alibis, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, NL
Nov. 2004 Andere Plaatsen, Wateroren Vlissingen, NL
Sept. 2004 System Disruption, Edith Russ Medienhaus, Oldenburg, DE
Mar. 2004 SYZYGY (the Human Remix) AIM festival, Los Angeles, USA
Mai 2004 In Situaties, Museum de Paviljoens, Almere, NL
March 2004 SZYGY (the Human Remix), Art in Motion Festival, Los Angeles, USA
March 2003 Surprise Party, Cargo Gallery, Almere, NL
Nov. 2002 Impakt Festival, Utrecht, NL. Couch Club

Oct. 2002 VIPER Festival 2002, Basel, Switzerland
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Dec. 2002 “Would you like to be David Still,” by Jill Walker (December 2002)
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June 2002 "Yours, David Still," in New York Times (20 June 2002)
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Feb. 2002 "Language, Dialectics and Email" by Cameron Marlow for the MIT Media Laboratory
Jan. 2002 "Identidades colectivas" in Una aproximation al net.art, chapter "Identidad", a course by Jaume Ferrer i Roseras and David Gomez i Fontanills
Dec. 2001 "Essere David Still" by Valentina Tanni, Random Exibart, ItalyAWARDS AND PRIZES
2004 Winner of the CYNETart Award 2004, CYNETart_04, Dresden, Germany
2003 Nominated for a Webby Award (Personal Website)
2003 Nominated for VIPER international Award

David Still biography
David Still is 32 years old, and a recent emigrant to Almere, Netherlands. He works as an IT Consultant for a small but expanding start-up business that specializes in communication systems. In his spare time, David works on his own personal web site, where he offers the use of his identity to other people. David Still is both the artist and the artwork, a cyber-persona created by an artist who built his personality, chose his image and maintains his story. David has rapidly risen in popularity, with the site attracting interest worldwide, from USA Today to ZIP-FM in Japan. Those who write to David play the game, not knowing which "David" will reply to their queries, as, for example, in the case of a New York Times reporter who approached him for an interview. In May 2002, the F.A.A.Q. (Frequently Asked and Answered Questions) was inaugurated. This self-reflective part of the site requires that visitors both ask and answer the questions, highlighting the fact that each visitor is indeed playing the role of David Still, and thus has the authority to reply to other visitor's pressing questions, providing amusing and taunting responses. In March 2003, David Still had the opportunity to introduce his real life to his online existence. Hosted by the Cargo gallery in Almere's De Realiteit neighborhood (home to David's blue house), David Still celebrated his birthday, surrounded by family, friends and secret admirers. In 2004, David will be the recipient of the CYNETart Award 2004 at the CYNETart Festival in Dresden, Germany.