Nato il 05/01/1959 a Split (Croazia) dove risiede.

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1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?
I chose to participate in this competition to promote my art.

2. To whom is art useful?
My art is useful for wide range of pepole which discover a new value of the art and to the young people.

3. What is freedom of expression?
a) when the world truly rotates around me regardless of how I express myself
b) when they call me ‘artist’ because of my behaviour
c) when the only thing that can stop my expressiveness is its’ own limit
d) when my self-expression stops at the point where the expressiveness of others starts
e) other: My expression is art without limits.

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuys’ statement: “ Everybody is an artist”?
Every human been on artist way can carry in kind of job.

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went to? What did you think of it?
It was to day on opening of the exhibition of my teacher who is professor on Academy of Art in Split.
It was a pleasure to see old professor/painter to express his canvas in a fresh manner.

6. What’s the hottest gossip in the art world that you know of?
I don't care about it.

7. What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?
He has a vision to creat something before others.

8. Who supports the artist?
Once who feel but can’t creat a art.

9. Who sponsored your last project (specify the procedure)?

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?
Since I was born I sacrifies to create my art.

11. Your specifications: height-weight / colour of hair-eyes / breast-waist-hips.

12. What is your ‘sound theme’? Tell us what kind of music you like.

13. What are your perversions?

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?

16. A slogan that represents you (it will be published on the poster).
Art to be, or art not to be.

His life on the rout between Split (very close to Matejuska - the most picturesquely fishermen's port in Split and monastery of St. Francis which guards art collection of masterpieces by Blaz Jurij Trogiranin and Mestrovic) and Krknjaci (bay on the island Drvenik which sandy bottom of the sea and stony coast has so typical Mediterranean but again so unique palette of colours) forever defines author's art favours. He will always return to those motives, even now, in his art's maturity.
Gorki Suvela encourages him to attend Fine Arts Academy in Split. As a student he makes masks, set designs and posters for theatre plays, and becomes a member of the alternative theatre Epicentar. On their guest performance in Vienna he gets acquainted with Rubens's and Flemish masters works. Study's travels (Athens, Rome, Naples, Venice) extensively spreaded his arts perspectives.
Work with professors: I. Krstulovic (develops author's sense for colours and picture paintings details which are "conversating" with picture wholeness), P. Jakelic (graphic solution of art's problems) and essentially with A. Mindzor i K. Hraste (deep research and intensify sensibility for volume, enrichment of own motive perception) develops him in compact author's entirety.
In certain period after graduation Mladen works as a designer and teacher. He is HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) member.
For the last fifteen years he has been continuously interested in Spanish language culture and art, which is logical continuation of youth preoccupation with Mediterranean themes.
As the art's but also as the character line of his personality it is worth to earmark huge number of gifted works for humanitarian purposes, and to purely accidental passengers, which can be defined as the invitation to a really different type of people to join on his mystical voyage through his fine arts expression.