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casTiNg is looking for visual artists who have not yet reached excessive fame, success or high market value, offering them the possibility to promote their artistic image during the period of the opening week of the Venice Biennale 2005.
The selection for the competition will be based upon personality, image and one’s ability to interact in an effective manner within the context of today’s art world.
Material requested:
- up-to-date biographical note
- three photographs
- questionnaire and
- registration module
(downloadable from the site artcasting) completed in full. Everything must be sent to casTiNg by the 21st of January 2005 via email concorso@artcasting.net (not valid any more) or by fax: +39 02700406968.
The first selection will take place the week immediately after the competition’s deadline by the group casTiNg. The second phase will be held 30 days after the closing day of the competition in the studios of casTiNg (Magazzino 7 – Banchina di Ciò, Dorsoduro 1827 – San Basilio, 30123 Venice). The jury will decide which of the selected candidates is more adequate, in terms of character and attitude, in using image as a means of promotion in the world of contemporary art.


1. casTiNg organises a competition for visual artists. The winner(s) will be selected by a specifically chosen committee based on their personality, their image and their ability to interact within a social context. The participation is open to all artists above the age of eighteen. The artists can participate either with their real name or with a pseudonym.

2. The participating artists must send to casTiNg by the 21st of January 2005 by email (concorso@artcasting.net) or by fax (+39 02700406968) the following material:
- up-to-date biographical note (format: Microsfot Word .DOC)
- registration module, downloadable from the site artcasting
- three photographs (low resolution for the first selection: JPG format, 72dpi, largest side 800 pixel) which represent themselves, of which one has to be a portrait, the other a full body view and the third at ones’ choice. The chosen candidate(s) must provide the same photos in high resolution so they can be used for the making of posters (jpg format, 300 dpi, smallest side 1000 pixels). For the reason fore mentioned they must be representative of the artist’s personality and attitude. All of the sent photos must be free of third parties copyright issues.
- answers to the attached questionnaire. Some of the answers will be used in the design of the posters and may be published in a catalogue.

3. After the first selection phase that will be carried out by the group casTiNg (Mara Ambrozic, Nemanja Cvijanovic, Anna Longo, Lucia Maggio, Natasa Radovic, Max Seibald, Veronica Voltolina, Thanos Zakopoulos) based on the sent material, the artists will be contacted in order to present themselves before the jury which will decide their adequacy with regard to the competition’s requests. The meeting with the candidates selected by casTiNg will be held 30 days after the closing day of the competition in the studios of casTiNg (Magazzino 7 – Banchina di Ciò, Dorsoduro 1827 – San Basilio, 30123 Venice).
The jury will constist of:
casTiNg - a group of artists working in Venice
Face & Place - casting and location agency from Milan
Sebastiano Giorgi - journalist
Carlo Montanaro - director, writer and professor of audiovisual language history
Antonì Muntadas - artist
Giacinto di Pietrantonio – director of GAMeC - Bergamo and Art History professor at the Fine Art Academy of Brera - Milan
Cesare Pietroiusti - artist
Pierluigi Sacco - expert in art economy
Saverio Simi de Burgis - art historian and critic
Angela Vettese - art critic

4. casTiNg’s role is to find the best means of promotion necessary for the chosen artist(s) and follow him/her/them through all the promotional stages. The candidates consent to casTiNg the liberty to act according to the competition’s needs during the meeting; casTiNg, members of the jury and the candidate himself/herself can document the entire procedure by means of one or more video cameras, photographic cameras and instruments for audio recording retaining afterwards the rights of the registered material.

5. The posters will be designed in the way casTiNg sees best fit in order to achieve the maximum desired effect intended by the competition. The poster may be created using the photos sent by the artist(s). casTiNg retains the right to elaborate on the final photos together with the artist(s) and to create others during the meeting with the jury. The images and the poster will be considered property of casTiNg which holds the right to use and publish, in whatever form, the material for the promotional necessities of the competition.

6. The winner(s) (minimum 1 - maximum 3) will be exhibited through the media of posters placed throughout the city of Venice, various participations in events and his/her/their presence in radio/television transmissions during the 2005 Biennale. At the same time the internet site of casTiNg artcasting ) will be updated daily gathering all related material.

7. Participating in the competition denotes the acceptance of the right of casTiNg to use exclusively the sent material regardless of space and time conditions. The participating artists though maintain the right of authorship for their respective material.

8. The costs for the sending of the material along with the travel expenses (should the participant be chosen) are not covered by casTiNg. Furthermore, any form of material sent will not be returned to the senders.

9. The request to participate in the competition implies the full acceptance of the regulations described above.


1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?

2. To whom is art useful?

3. What is freedom of expression?
a) when the world truly rotates around me regardless of how I express myself
b) when they call me ‘artist’ because of my behaviour
c) when the only thing that can stop my expressiveness is its’ own limit
d) when my self-expression stops at the point where the expressiveness of others starts
e) other: ……………………………………………………………………………

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuys’ statement: “ Everybody is an artist”?

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went to? What did you think of it?

6. What’s the hottest gossip in the art world that you know of?

7. What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?

8. Who supports the artist?

9. Who sponsored your last project (specify the procedure)?

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?

11. Your specifications: height-weight / colour of hair-eyes / breast-waist-hips.

12. What is your ‘sound theme’? Tell us what kind of music you like.

13. What are your perversions?

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?

16. A slogan that represents you (it will be published on the poster).

- the questions should be interpreted freely, at ones’ own judgement
- it is required that you add pages to the questionnaire: the answers will be evaluated based on their articulacy, exuberance and originality
- by signing this participation form-questionnaire you accept all of the terms stated in the competition’s form and give us your permission as to the use of all the data provided by you
- the supply of your data is optional, in case you refuse to provide them though the results indicated above will not be obtained


Magazzino 7 – Banchina di Ciò
Dorsoduro 1827 – San Basilio
30123 Venezia - ITALIA
c a s T i N g: www@natasaradovic.eu

sito web: artcasting
cell: +39 3287453400
fax: +39 02700406968