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The Bauhaus Kolleg has started in September 2000. It examines the changes in architecture and the urban environment in an event-oriented society.

The urban entertainment culture of the 21st century has spawned a host of event worlds for shows, amusement and consumerism. Malls, theme parks, amusement centers and events are symbols of the cultural change accompanying the disintegration of the previously separate spheres of culture, politics, society and business. The marketing of cities and regions with spectacular presentations of history and culture and the redevelopment of city centers to create event spaces for shopping and entertainment are an eloquent expression of this development. In ever fewer cases is this process of urban reorganisation the product of town planning schemes devised by the public authorities. The commercialisation of cities is being accompanied by a loss of public space, increasing controls and a growing exclusion of the poor and destitute. The commercialisation of culture is celebrating its triumphal march in the event city. Architecture, as an artistic product, is barely in a position to hold its ground against the powerful flow of cultural goods. It forms part of the window dressing which cities are using to generate an image for themselves.

The Bauhaus Kolleg focuses on the changes in the urban environment brought about by the cultural revamping which cities are undergoing. It investigates and analyses the changed conditions in the development of the urban environment in an event-oriented society with a view to drawing up design strategies for an "event city beyond sprawl".

"Event worlds”

Theory and method

The aim of the first term has been to provide a comprehensive overview of the development trends in culture, society, economics, planning and architecture in the event-oriented society. It will deal with the theory and history, methodological access to and practical knowledge of the development of the event city. The first term has been divided up into two blocks. The lectures and seminars in the first block will provide an overview of the complexity of the event city. The workshops in the second block will focus on methods of studying and designing urban environments using the project location, the European quarter in Frankfurt, as an example. The teaching programme has been supplemented by excursions to urban event worlds in Germany and to the project location.


Sociology of the event society, Cultural industry and urbanity, Transformation of culture, Social geography of the postindustrial space


Introduction in the project location, Excursion to Frankfurt/Main, Strategies of urban planning in the Event City, Architecture of the Event City, Scenes of urban entertainment, Cartography of Urbanity

We have undertaken a theoretical journey through the artificial urban landscape. It has analysed the changed conditions in the development of the urban environment in an event oriented society.

Within an emipirical approach the participants from USA, Croatia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Colombia, Egypt and Germany investigated the development of the Urban Entertainment Center of the Europe Quarter in Frankfurt as a prototype for the revitalization of the city by shopping and entertainment. They have created a network of scenes of urban pleasure to propose a rethinking of the urban event worlds as a flexible structure providing an interfusion of local and global space, commercialised cultural events and everyday cultural practices.

Isabell Heckelsmüller, Kristina Wright, Bastian Lange, Sonja Beeck, Hassan Hussein, Juan Pablo Cortes-Ayala, Silke Steets, Paula Roush, Natasa Radovic, Alexander Vereschak, Margarita Zinets Ukraine Kunst

Event City - Accidental City - Fantasy City - Themed City - Spectacle City - Natural born city

City between heaven and hell - Urban Paradise - Staging of urbanity - Urban Pleasure - Instant City

Divided City - Shopping City