imaginary geography, gallus, frankfurt, bauhaus dessau foundation, event city 2000


These are 2 slides juxtaposed in one single frame. One is showing the bar, called 'kiosk' in Germany, full of local people, run usually by extra EU minorities (this is the example of Bosnian people in Gallus quarter in the center of Frankfurt). The other slide is a photo of Bill Viola's video installation (to view it properly you should rotate your head towards left; there were one vertical (blue) and one horizontal panel (red) showing the surface of the water and drops dripping on them) in a near Bank quarter. The story goes: the Bank quarter wants to demolish the Gallus quarter = this is a part of the arch. project were together with other people (sociologists, ethnographers, urbanists and architects) we fought against it and managed to postpone the demolition and we hope - to stop it.


Colour Print of two juxtaposed slides

Edition: 7

49,7 x 74 cm

19,56 x 29,13 in