Bottarga means the tuna fisf eggs (Italian delicacy called Italian caviar: in Sardinia and Sicily people dry fish eggs on sun and make some extraordinary pasta dishes with it afterwards; the true and intense 'sea taste'), "senza pizzo" means "without lace" but it is an idiom - pizzo is what the Mafia asks to the people that have commercial activity, the money they have to pay them. My recent trip to Palermo made me realize that there is a rebellion called "addio pizzo", chains of shops-restaurants-hotels that refuse to pay pizzo to the Mafia. This bottarga seller refused it as well, the Mafia smashed in pieces his shop but he continues to sell in front. It is very important that local people sustain these rebelled merchants and refuse to go to the shops that continue to pay pizzo, as this is the only way to make the rebelled - survive.


Baryte Print on Fiber Paper

Edition: 7

74 x 49,7cm

29,13 x 19,56 in