edited by Giovanni Bai

In her nocturnal photographs Natasa Radovic tries to capture the light that escapes to the perception of the human eye and picks only those sequences or fragments of action that can be helped by the memory and by the experience in creating a rational immage in our mind. By using the long exposure, the artist succeeds to fix the changes of the light that designs one new truth, or better, renders real objects invisible. She explores the relationships between light and shadow, and forces her viewer to question the visible and invisibile, static and dynamic, fullness and emptyness of the space. Natasa Radovic photographs persons on whom she applies luminous sources that describe floating motions of illuminated boats or automobiles that were travelling in the night in order to testify the continuity of the light in space. In other cases, she captures the moment of the rising sun or the sunset - the encounter between night and day - in order to emphasize the relationship between empty and full. Those changes are stopped in the moment when the light hits the rough, rusted or reflective surfaces, thus changing the way of their existence. This technique makes the subject lose its ordinary function in order to make the object one of an aesthetic experience.

Natasa Radovic Sumrak / Twilight, Art Klub Python, Governor's Palace, Rijeka - Croatia

20. April - 10. May 2000