Presentation of a one-man photographic show MOTUS PERPETUUS, at the gallery KLUB GJURO II, Zagreb, Croatia:

"The exhibition is divided into three parts, all three defined by the places where the photographs were taken: Venice, Rijeka, Suhi dok (Dry Dock). The author's attempt to capture the motion of the light is the central action of the photographs. In both the Venetian and Rijeka cycles she explores the relation between light and shade, using the night as her dark background. The night seems to be the best stage for the play in which the light is the main actor and where the content is directed by the visible and the invisible as well as by the static and the dynamic. Natasa Radovic indulges herself in the photographs of lighted boats, passing cars and people on whom she attached light bulbs. Using the long exposure as her main tool, she makes the real subjects invisible. The eye of the camera thereby sees what is invisible to the human eye. Photography has the possibility to witness the continuity of light in motion and its space encompassed by time. The human eye observes light statically and sees motion without any continuity, since the idea of the movement of light comes as the result of the rational cognition and not of the visual perception.

Suhi dok from Rijeka’s harbour is the topic of the third group of photographs. The background is no longer dark but blue, because these pictures were taken at dawn or sunset ­ the meeting moment of night and day. The dry dock is now a deserted place, abandoned long ago by ships and by people, however not by light. The author’s focus is on the relationship between the full and the empty, the volume and the space and on the delicate moment when the light touches the rough, rusty surface of the iron body that is reflecting the atmosphere’s blue. In this short moment, in the eye of the camera, Suhi dok changes the mode of its existance and becomes the object of an aesthetic experience.

Natasa Radovic emphasizes that her photographs inaugurate the dimension of absence, the non - existence of a man in the spaces that lack function and thence the meaning of their being. These photos tell us about the absurdity of time; while the light traces left by the man in motion circumscribe their path, the man becomes nothing, he has already passed. He is already consuming some other time (Natasa Radovic)..."

ANITA ZLOMISLIC, art critic and curator of the exhibition.

Anita Zlomislic, MOTUS PERPETUUS, at the gallery KLUB GJURO II, Zagreb, Croatia