Ten secret islands in the Mediterranean
Susak, Croatia

by Jeremy Lazell, The Sunday Times (UK)

With travel links that should carry a migraine warning, and just a handful of rental apartments, Susak is so far off the tourist radar that even specialist Croatia tour operators don’t touch it.

It would be hard to overstate what an oversight this is, as Susak — made up of sand, with a beach-fringed look you won’t otherwise find this side of the Maldives — is one of the most remarkable islands in the Mediterranean, even having a dialect that most Croatians would fail to understand. No cars, no roads, no nightclubs, just a seven-mile network of sandy tracks across the island, two villages, a couple of churches and four small restaurants to ease you from your sandy vigil.

Expect to see: Hoboken millionaires — 90% of “Sujcanis” emigrated to New Jersey last century.


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